Presentations, Seminars & Workshops

James C. Anderson LLC offers various presentations separately or as part of seminars and workshops. As part of seminars and workshops, presentations often are paired with proprietary case studies to enable participants to practice what they have learned in the presentation.  James Anderson has extensive experience in giving presentations on: Customer value management; crafting persuasive customer value propositions in business markets; value-based pricing that boosts profits and customer relations; managing market offerings; and sustaining customer relationships.

Get an equitable return on the value delivered.
Deliver superior value
to targeted market segments
and customer firms.

Customer Value Management Advisory

How well does your business understand, create, and deliver value to customers?  How well does your business do in getting a fair return on the superior value delivered to customers?  What changes could your business successfully make in the short-term and longer term to strengthen your capability in customer value management?  What market gains and improved profitability might those changes produce?

Customer Value Management Advisory (CVM Advisory) is a service designed to answer these questions.  We tailor CVM Advisory to focus on the top priorities and the top concerns of senior management for their business.  We then work with a client team, conducting interviews and doing research, to gain insights into what the next best steps are for the business to strengthen its practice of customer value management.  At the end of the CVM Advisory, we review with senior management what we have found, and provide them with a set of short-term and longer-term recommendations, along with counsel on working through any identified impediments to implementing the recommendations.

Customer Value Management in Business Markets

Customer value management is a progressive, practical approach to managing business markets. In its essence, customer value management has two basic goals:

Customer value management relies upon customer value assessment to gain an understanding of customer requirements and preferences, and what it is worth in monetary terms to fulfill them. Although firms may be able to accomplish the first goal without any formal assessment of customer value, it is increasingly unlikely that they will be able to accomplish the second goal without it. Simply put, to gain an equitable or fair return on the value their offerings deliver, suppliers must provide persuasive evidence to customers of those offerings' superior value relative to what the customers regard as the next-best-alternative.